About Taylor
Taylor is an artist/illustrator from Haliburton, ON, and although he currently resides in Windsor, ON, the cottage country of Halibuton is still home.

The majority of his inspiration comes from his search to re-discover the wonder in the world around him, and his efforts to see "through the eyes of a child". This exploration, paired with the harshly grounding experience of a transient adolesence, have created a style that portrays both happiness and weariness. His pieces tend to be heavily character-based, and often have a mood that has been described as "pleasantly jaded".

While he spends the majority of his creative time drawing and painting, he is constantly looking for new mediums to explore. In keeping with his pursuit of wonder, he is currently compiling a collection of whimsical poetry for children, which will eventually take the form of an illustrated children's book. He is also a recent graduate of Fleming College's Artist Blacksmith program.

About Push Happy
​Push Happy began as a simple phrase, which Taylor coined in 2011. While it started as another term for "going skateboarding", "pushing happy" evolved to mean  approaching life in general with a positive mindset. It caught on with a core group of friends, who encouraged Taylor to do something more with it. Not long after, Push Happy was born as a clothing brand.

Over the following number of years, Taylor focussed all of his creative efforts on making products under the Push Happy moniker. Every design he created was somehow tied to the brand. However, this began to take a toll on his creativity, as he felt he couldn't create things if they weren't "on-brand". Designs were beginning to become more commercial-feeling, and less art based, which was contrary to the ideals that Push Happy promoted.

In 2017, Taylor decided to discontinue the brand. Instead, he will continue to use the term "Push Happy" in select pieces to allow it to grow as an ongoing art project, rather than a brand. It will continue to be an avenue through which he can promote a positive lifestyle and mindset, but with more creative freedom.